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Sharing our knowledge with the Life Sciences industry

We want to share our knowledge with the Life Sciences industry in the hope that this information may help you overcome the challenges you face across all stages of the drug development process.

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MedinCell X CARBOGEN AMCIS: A Partnership for Global Health

Join us as we delve into the inspiring partnership between MedinCell and CARBOGE...
22 May 2024

CARBOGEN AMCIS receives CDMO Leadership Awards 2024

We are honored to announce that CARBOGEN AMCIS has been awarded across four cate...
25 April 2024

Driving Change: The Sustainable Trajectory of CARBOGEN AMCIS Manchester

Explore how CARBOGEN AMCIS Manchester is leading the way in sustainable practice...
13 February 2024

5 things to consider when choosing your drug product CDMO

How to choose the right CDMO partner for drug product? Discover our TOP 5 things...
29 January 2024

Interview with Jeroen de Jong, Manager Risk & Compliance

Find more informations on our last CSR report dedicated to our Veenendaal site i...
27 November 2023

ACS OMEGA Publication: CARBOGEN AMCIS Researchers Contribute to Protein Conjugation Advancements

CARBOGEN AMCIS Researchers, Dr. Artem Osypenko and Dr. Igor Dovgan, Publish Adva...
07 November 2023

Advancing ADC and Drug Product Solutions: CARBOGEN AMCIS Expertise

Watch Episode 2 of our Customer Journey series on CARBOGEN AMCIS Drug Products, ...
10 October 2023

Formulation and Development of Injectable Drug Product at CARBOGEN AMCIS

In addition to Drug Substance services, CARBOGEN AMCIS is currently in an on-goi...
04 October 2023

Company Profile CARBOGEN AMCIS Brochure

Learn more about CARBOGEN AMCIS

01 October 2023

Criticality-based Process Data Evaluation: Our tool to navigate process data

Criticality-based process data evaluation substantially accelerates exploration ...
19 September 2023

Pushing Boundaries in API Synthesis: Our Journey to Elevate Clazosentan Production Featured in OPR&D...

CARBOGEN AMCIS and Idorsia collaborate on a groundbreaking API synthesis process...
31 August 2023

CARBOGEN AMCIS's Journey Featured on PharmaSource Podcast

Exploring CARBOGEN AMCIS's Journey with Stephan Fritschi, CARBOGEN AMCIS Executi...
22 August 2023

We're hiring in Production | Wir suchen Mitarbeitende in der Produktion

CARBOGEN AMCIS is currently hiring for a variety of positions in Production! Dis...
02 August 2023

Interview with Dr. Gavin Schmid, Head of Environment, Safety & Health

Following the Corporate Social Responsibility report that evaluates our 2022 env...
13 July 2023

Simulated Moving Bed chromatography at CARBOGEN AMCIS AG

Find out more about Simulated Moving Bed chromatography process at CARBOGEN AMCI...
03 July 2023

Large Scale Metal Scavenging and Associated Decolorization at CARBOGEN AMCIS Shanghai

Discover our new article on Large Scale Metal Scavenging and Associated Decolori...
13 June 2023

The Evolution of Flow Chemistry

Dr Samuel Bourne, CARBOGEN AMCIS’ Flow Chemistry scientific and Dr. Franz Amann,...
08 June 2023

Bring your future to life at CARBOGEN AMCIS: we're hiring!

CARBOGEN AMCIS is currently hiring for a variety of positions across the organiz...
28 April 2023

Q&A with Cor Veldhuizen, CARBOGEN AMCIS’ Global Head of Vitamin D analogues

Cor Veldhuizen, CARBOGEN AMCIS’ Global Head of Vitamin D analogues, explains the...
19 April 2023

Bioconjugation & Antibody Drug Conjugates Brochure

Learn more about our Bioconjugation & Antibody Drug Conjugates services at C...
31 March 2023

Chromatography Services Brochure

Learn more about our Chromatography Services at CARBOGEN AMCIS

31 March 2023

Development and Aseptic Production of Drug Products Brochure

Learn more about Development and Aseptic Production of Drug Products at CARBOGEN...
31 March 2023

ICH Stability Studies and Integrated Analytical Services Brochure

Learn more about our ICH Stability Studies and Integrated Analytical Services at...
31 March 2023

Cholesterol & Vitamin D Analogs Brochure

Learn more about Cholesterol & Vitamin D Analogs Products at CARBOGEN AMCIS

31 March 2023

CARBOGEN AMCIS 2023 Spring Science Day Event

The 2023 spring Science Day event was held March 23 at the Gasthof zum Schützen ...
29 March 2023

CARBOGEN AMCIS expands capacity for parenteral drug manufacturing

Our new state-of-the-art facility will allow for larger capacities to supply our...
06 March 2023

CARBOGEN AMCIS Drug Products New Site: Opening Ceremony video

Our new dedicated site for the production of liquid and lyophilised sterile drug...
23 February 2023

Saint-Beauzire: opening ceremony of our new site in France dedicated to Drug Products

The inauguration of our new production site dedicated to the manufacture of drug...
13 February 2023

Our locations and services in video

Watch our locations and services video to better understand our services!

19 December 2022

New Drug Products Facility

CARBOGEN AMCIS expands capacity for parenteral drug manufacturing. 

05 December 2022

Panel discussion on HPAPIs - Chemistry Today September/October 2022

Mara Guzzetti, General Manager Switzerland, CARBOGEN AMCIS and Anton Gayring, Se...
22 November 2022

Customer Journey at CARBOGEN AMCIS

Watch the first episode of our new "Customer Journey" series and learn how CARBO...
28 October 2022

Interview Chemtogether 2022 Dr. Luca Mannocci

Find more about our Manager of Antibody Drug Conjugates

17 October 2022

Regierungsrat Dieter Egli visits CARBOGEN AMCIS in Hunzenschwil

Dieter Egli, Regierungsrat of canton Aargau, visits inauguration of new analytic...
13 October 2022

Discovery & Development of a New ADC

During the BOS Basel 2022 Heidelberg Pharma and CARBOGEN AMCIS presented their c...
09 June 2022

"How the drug services industry found itself prepared for a pandemic"

Mark Griffiths, CEO, speaks about the current challenges in the industry.

16 November 2021

"CARBOGEN AMCIS accélère dans le domaine du médicament injectable"

Article in French about the expansion in France and the new site Riom 2.

16 November 2021

Interview Chemtogether 2021 Dr. Volker Wolfart

Interview in German with Dr. Volker Wolfart an insight of what it is like to wor...
02 November 2021

Teaser Riom 2 - Episode 2: The work is continuing

CARGOGEN AMCIS is expanding in France and the work is continuing!

27 July 2021

CARBOGEN AMCIS Virtual DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum - Mark Griffiths

Watch full CARBOGEN AMCIS presentation at the Virtual DCAT Member Company Announ...
20 July 2021

Data Integrity: A Key Topic for CARBOGEN AMCIS as a leading API Supplier

Data Integrity is an aspect which concerns all areas involved in a GMP regulated...
29 June 2021

Mastering the Supply Chain

After intense research investigations Heidelberg Pharma found a unique access to...
02 June 2021

"CARBOGEN AMCIS développe des médicaments injectables"

Article in French about the expansation Riom 2 of the second production plant fo...
18 May 2021

"CARBOGEN AMCIS lance une nouvelle unité de fabrication de produits injectables"

Article in French about the expansion of Riom 2 in Saint-Beauzire (Puy-de-Dôme).

11 April 2021

"Les travaux de la nouvelle usine pharmaceutique CARBOGEN AMCIS"

Article in French about the expansion of Riom 2 in Saint-Beauzire (Puy-de-Dôme).

10 April 2021

Teaser Riom 2 project - Work has begun

CARGOGEN AMCIS is expanding in France and the work has begun!

24 March 2021

Radio SRF1 - Regionaljournal Aargau Solothurn

Vice President Alan Fischer & Vice President Stephan Fritschi on Radio SRF1.

16 March 2021

"140 neue Jobs am Standort Hunzenschwil"

Article in German about the progressing planning process for the expansion of th...
11 March 2021

Making a step change

Article about the API facility in Hunzenschwil with an interview of Mark Griffit...
11 March 2021

"Der lange Weg zur Chemiefabrik in Hunzenschwil"

Article in German about the update of the construction in Hunzenschwil, Switzerl...
02 March 2021

Ground breaking Riom 2, France

Inauguration ceremony of construction works, 12. Jan 2021

28 January 2021

Development & Aseptic Production of Drug Products

Learn more about our Development & Aseptic Production of Drug Products servi...
30 November 2020

Interview Nobel Laureate Prof. Lehn

Discover the Interview of Nobel Laureate Prof. Lehn explaining his collaboration...
20 November 2020

Interview Pascal Villemagne, VP Sales and Marketing at CARBOGEN AMCIS, for "Paroles d'experts"

Pascal Villemagne speaks about CARBOGEN AMCIS expansion plans in France and Swit...
20 November 2020

"Dreistellige Millioneninvestition"

Article in German about CARBOGEN AMCIS' investment in Hunzenschwil, Switzerland.

14 October 2020

"CARBOGEN AMCIS to expand pharmaceutical services in Europe"

Article about CARBOGEN AMCIS' expansion in France and Switzerland.

03 September 2020

"Grosse Investitionen im Kampf gegen Krebs"

Article in German about CARBOGEN AMCIS in Switzerland, incl. interview with Dr. ...
26 August 2020

Panel Discussion on Flow Chemistry

Franz Amman, Senior Scientist Development, and Samuel Bourne, Scientific Special...
10 July 2020

Regierungsrat Basel-Landschaft besucht die CARBOGEN AMCIS AG

German article about Regierungsrat BL visiting CARBOGEN AMCIS in June 2020

22 June 2020

Development and Scale-up of a Miyaura Borylation Process

The following case study is one example of how CARBOGEN AMCIS helps customers to...
17 June 2020

CARBOGEN AMCIS Passion For Science

Watch our corporate video to better understand our services!

04 May 2020

Chemical Engineering at CARBOGEN AMCIS - Part 1

Article & Case Studies

24 April 2020

Technology Transfer

Learn more about our efficient and effective technology transfer process with a ...
02 April 2020

Thermal Overman Rearrangement of a Glucal Derivative

Franz Amann about CARBOGEN AMCIS' flow chemistry capabilities.

02 April 2020

Our approach in Drug Product Development & Manufacture

Pharmaceutical development of drug products is a complex and challenging process...
01 April 2020

Custom Development and Manufacture of Fine Chemicals

Capabilities and equipment at CARBOGEN AMCIS in Manchester.

01 April 2020

Antibody Drug Conjugates and Bioconjugation made in Bubendorf

This article provides an overview of ADC & Bioconjugation Services offered i...
01 April 2020

Investigating Human Error in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lecture which took place at ILMAC Lausanne, Forum on October 4, 2017 by Dr. Cars...
31 March 2020

Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients at CARBOGEN AMCIS

Dr. Anton Gayring, Senior Head of Development, speaks about Highly Potent API at...
31 March 2020

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Eveline

In her own words, Eveline shares her experience as an apprentice at CARBOGEN AMC...
31 March 2020

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Philip

In his own words, Philip shares his experience as an apprentice at CARBOGEN AMCI...
31 March 2020

Synthesis and Structural Properties of Bridged 1,8‐Diazacyclotetradeca‐4,11‐diynes

The synthesis of 1,8‐diazacyclotetradeca‐4,11‐diyne was accomplished by reaction...
31 March 2020

Cage-like molecules with triple bonds

The syntheses of 1,8-diazacyclotetradeca-4,11-diyne and 1,8-diazabicyclo[6.6.6]e...
31 March 2020

A bridgehead amine with planar nitrogens

The synthesis of 1,8-diazabicyclo[ 6.6.4]octadeca-4,11,16-triyne (3) has been ac...
31 March 2020

Reactions of 1,8‐Diheterocyclotetradeca‐4,11‐diynes

The following monocyclic and bicyclic 14‐membered diynes were treated with [ CpC...
31 March 2020

Syntheses and properties of N,N′-bridged-1,10-diazabicyclooctadeca-5,14-diynes

The conformations and properties of 1,(k + 2)-diazabicyclo[ k.l.m]alkanes are re...
31 March 2020

Reaction of N,N'-bridged 1,10-diazacyclooctadeca-5,14-diynes with [ CpCo(cod)]

The reaction of N,N′-bridged 1,10-diazacyclooctadeca-5,14-diynes 1a–d with [ CpC...
31 March 2020

Synthesis of (S)-1-Boc-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-2- carboxylic Acid

A short and efficient synthesis of (S)-1-Boc-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-2-carboxylic...
31 March 2020

Example of a Stereoselective Synthesis in Industrial API Manufacture

Stereochemistry is an important topic not only in academic research, but also in...
31 March 2020

Process Development and Multikilogram Syntheses of XL228

Route scouting, process development, and multikilogram syntheses of an IGF-1R/Sr...
31 March 2020

Safety Assessment for the Scale-up of an Oxime Reduction

A pilot-plant process is described for the reduction of 2-allyl cyclohexanone ox...
31 March 2020

Identification of a 1,2,4,5-Tetraoxane Antimalarial Drug-Development Candidate

From a library of over 150 1,2,4,5‐tetraoxanes, the candidate RKA 182 was select...
31 March 2020

Scale-up of a high temperature Claisen synthesis

Control of trace inorganics and an understanding of reaction kinetics and impuri...
31 March 2020

Process Optimization for GSK369796 (N-tert-Butyl Isoquine)

An improved process to the novel 4-aminoquinoline antimalarial GSK369796 is desc...
31 March 2020

HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor

Development work toward an enabling synthesis of preparative scale batches of an...
31 March 2020


A new reagent for the deprotection of aromatic methyl ethers, 2-(diethylamino)et...
31 March 2020

Chiroptical Properties of some Monoazapentahelicenes

Three closely related previously synthesized monoaza[ 5]helicenes have been reso...
31 March 2020

Synthesis of 2-Amino-8-hydroxyquinoline

The first safe and efficient synthesis of the important building block 2-amino-8...
31 March 2020

Interview with Emad El Sayed, Ph.D.

Emad El Sayed, Manager PR&D, speaks about career opportunities at CARBOGEN A...
31 March 2020

Process scale-up of cis-N-Benzyl-3-methylamino-4-methylpiperidine

The synthesis of cis-N-benzyl-3-methylamino-4-methylpiperidine via hydroboration...
30 March 2020

Large scale preparation of 3-Methyl-4H-[ 1, 2, 4]oxadiazol-5-one

The development of a safe and practical process for the potassium and sodium sal...
30 March 2020

CARBOGEN AMCIS Veenendaal - Solvent-free in 2030?

Solvent-free in 2030 - Utopia or Breakthrough? Article about CARBOGEN AMCIS Veen...
25 March 2020

Interview For Chemtogether 2019 Dr. Volker Wolfart

Interview with Dr. Volker Wolfart, an insight of what it is like to work at CARB...
25 February 2020

Interview Chemtogether 2017 Dr. Jonas Bürgler

Interview in German with Dr. Jonas Bürgler, an insight of what it is like to wor...
25 February 2020

Chromatography Services offered in Switzerland

CARBOGEN AMCIS' preparative chromatography capabilities have been developed and ...
25 February 2020

Process Development in China at CARBOGEN AMCIS + Case Study

Harry Wong, Senior Head of Development, speaks about Process Development at our ...
25 February 2020

Chemical & Engineering News - "Pharmaceutical Outsourcing"

Article "Outsourcing tales from the drug services industry trenches"

01 July 2019

Panel Discussion on Flow Chemistry

Franz Amman Ph.D., Senior Scientist at CARBOGEN AMCIS, speaks about Flow Chemist...
01 July 2019

5 Minutes Interview with Dishman CARBOGEN AMCIS

Five Minutes at CPhI Worldwide with Mark Griffiths (Global CEO) & Pascal Vil...
18 January 2018

Pharma's Almanac

Article "Continuous Manufacturing: To Be Continued..." in Pharma's Almanac.

18 January 2018

Interview with Mark Griffiths – Group CEO, Dishman Group

“Our sole focus is on ensuring that customer needs are addressed as swiftly and ...
18 January 2018