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Flow Chemistry

Safer reaction and easier scale-up with our flow chemistry services

Widen your synthetic tool box

Scale-up can be tough even for reactions that are well-established in the lab. With profound expertise in the field of flow chemistry CARBOGEN AMCIS has the capability to help you controlling conditions and handling the risk as reactive volumes are small at any time. The range of applicable conditions such as temperature and pressure is becoming larger than in classical batch reactors. Not only will our experience in this method allow you a safer reaction and easier scale-up - it will also increase the purity of a product.

CARBOGEN AMCIS Flow Chemistry capabilities:

  • Process intensification – temperature control, mixing, pressure, concentration
  • Resolving scale-up problems
  • Handling of critical reactions and control of reaction parameters
  • Manufacturing under GMP
CARBOGEN AMCIS Flow Chemistry expert

My work at CARBOGEN AMCIS allows me to live out my curiosity and generate new knowledge. It's motivating to collaborate with a multi-national group of people and to approach tricky chemical and technical challenges every day.

Franz - Senior Scientist Development, Neuland

Why consider Flow Chemistry for your project

Higher purity

Safer processing

Easy scale-up

Real-time monitoring

Rapid reaction optimization

Typical fits for Flow Chemistry

Fast reactions

Hazardous reagents and intermediates

Scale-up issues

Extreme reaction conditions

For more information
download our Flow Chemistry Case Study