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About us

Who we are

Welcome to CARBOGEN AMCIS, a member of the Dishman Carbogen Amcis Group. We provide drug development and commercialisation services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, at all stages of drug development. Our capabilities span from contract chemical process research and development to the supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) - as well as drug products for preclinical studies, clinical trials and commercial use. Besides being a service provider we also offer high quality Cholesterol and Vitamin D analog products produced at our facility in The Netherlands. These products are used in a variety of markets around the globe.

Our focus is to help customers create a better world by becoming the partner of choice for development and manufacture. The guiding principles for our service are our passion for great science supported by timely communication and backed by our total commitment to YOUR project.

We forge close collaboration and open communication with our customers which ensures we work effectively as a team, meeting (if not exceeding) our customers' expectations. We aim to manufacture pharmaceutical ingredients at the highest standard of GMP whilst protecting the environment.

We are a partner you can trust and we look forward to helping you move your project faster to the market!

Our vision

We bring science to life by providing innovative solutions in products and services, contributing to the well-being of people and the planet.

Our mission

We apply our experience and outstanding quality in the provision of exceptional chemical process development, manufacturing & formulation services and products for our customers . We focus on high efficiency , reliability and finding innovative, safe, economically and environmentally optimal solutions.

Our vision & mission

Company history

With over 30 years’ experience, we have supported the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries with drug development and bringing new drugs to market to improve human health.

CARBOGEN AMCIS was born out of CarboGen, founded in 1990 at the University of Zurich and also AMCIS which was founded in 1982. The companies were both acquired by Solutia in 2000 and merged into the single legal entity now known as CARBOGEN AMCIS AG. Since then, we have continued to grow organically, and employ more than 600 people.

In August 2006, CARBOGEN AMCIS AG was acquired by Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd. (previously known as Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited,) – allowing us within the Dishman Carbogen Amcis group to provide our customers with a fully flexible and effective customised delivery strategy for the entire life of a compound. This partnership has enabled CARBOGEN AMCIS to maintain its position as an industry leader and outsourcing partner for complex highly potent APIs and ADCs.

Foundation of AMCIS (Bubendorf) as joint venture with a pharmaceutical company in USA

Foundation Dishman Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Ltd

First Quats production facility established in Naroda

Foundation CarboGen (Aarau) as Spin-off of the University of Zurich focused and early-phase API supply

First production facility for bulk intermediates and API established in Bavla

Creation of Dishman Europe and Dishman USA subsidiaries

Acquisition of CarboGen and AMCIS by Solutia

Acquisition of the Manchester site

Creation of CARBOGEN AMCIS AG and acquisition by Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Ltd

Formation of Dishman Japan and Dishman China. Acquisition of Dishman Netherlands

Integration of the Manchester site into CARBOGEN AMCIS

Acquisition of Riom (France) site CARBOGEN AMCIS SAS

Established Dishman Care

Acquisition of the Vionnaz (CH) site CARBOGEN AMCIS

Integration of the Shanghai site into CARBOGEN AMCIS

Company name changed to Dishman Carbogen Amcis Limited

Integration of the Veenendaal site into CARBOGEN AMCIS

Opening of a new site dedicated to the production of liquid and lyophilised sterile drug products, in Saint-Beauzire (France)

Our locations


Development and cGMPmanufacturing of Highly Potent API including Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)

Our facility located in Bubendorf – a municipality in the district of Liestal in the canton of Basel-Country in Switzerland – is the current headquarters of CARBOGEN AMCIS.

The larger scale production facility was opened in 1987, and in more than 25-year of history it has continuously adapted to the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Process optimization and supply of late-phase and commercial APIs
  • Highly potent manufacturing up to 100 kg scale, up to Category 4
  • Bioconjugation manufacturing
  • Chromatography capabilities (including highly potent compounds)
  • Bubendorf

  • Contact Information

    Hauptstrasse 171
    CH-4416 Bubendorf

    +41 58 909 00 00
    +41 58 909 00 52

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport

    • Take the train from Basel, Zurich or Olten to Liestal
    • From Liestal take bus no. 70 "Reigoldswil Dorfplatz" to Bubendorf, Industrie Süd
    • Once you reach Bubendorf, Industrie Süd it will arrive right in front of the entrance to our headquarters

    By plane

    • Closest airport is EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (about 30 km away) – many direct flights to Switzerland & Europe and International flights via connection.

    By car

    • A3/A22 to Route 12 in Liestal exit Solothurn/Waldenburg
    • A2/E25/E35 exit 12-Diegten

    • From Zurich via A3: about 1h30
    • From Basel via A3: about 30 minutes
    • From Bern via A1: about 1h30
  • Map

Bubendorf - Key Facts

Headquarters of CARBOGEN AMCIS
Late-phase and commercial supply of API
HiPo manufacturing up to 100kg scale, up to Cat. 4
cGMP Chromatography to multi 100 kg scale (including highly potent compounds)
State of the art ADC laboratories
Over 30 years of experience in API development and manufacturing


Development and medium scale cGMP manufacturing including chromatography

Located in the heart of Switzerland, our facility in Aarau is centrally located between Zurich, Basel and Lucerne. The facility opened in 1994 after 4 years of operation at the University of Zurich. We aim to provide a wide range of technology tools such as solid state analysis, chromatography separation, isolation and analytical capabilities.


  • API process research and development
  • Small scale commercial API supply
  • Chromatography services
  • Aarau

  • Contact Information



    Schachenallee 29


    CH-5001 Aarau



    +41 58 909 00 01
    +41 58 909 00 50

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport

    • Take the train from Basel, Zurich or Olten to Aarau railway station
    • From Aarau take bus no. 6 (Aarau, Wöschnauring) to Aarau, Hirslanden Klinik
    • Alternatively, the facility is only an 11 minute walk from the station

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Zurich airport which is about 50 km away - many direct flights to Switzerland, Europe and International

    By car 

    • A1 to Suhrentalstrasse/Route 24 in Muhen exit 49-Aarau-West from A1
    • A3 to Route 24 in Frick exit 17-Frick from A3

    • From Zurich via A1: about 40 minutes
    • From Basel via A3: about 55 minutes
    • From Bern via A1: about 1h05
  • Map

Aarau - Key Facts

Early phase development and rapid kg API supply to cGMP
Strong analytical capabilities and specialties lab
Specialized preparative Chromatography group


Development and medium scale manufacturing

Our facility in Hunzenschwil (Neuland) – in the district of Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland – is located 25 km West of Zurich. The facility was opened in 2000 and is our second site to house laboratories for development activities with highly potent compounds. The site will be expanded with a new API plant. Construction works will begin in 2021. The new facility will fully operate by summer 2024.


  • Analytical services
  • API and intermediate stability studies
  • API process research and development
  • Small scale commercial API supply
  • Neuland

  • Contact Information



    Neulandweg 5


    CH-5502 Hunzenschwil



    +41 58 909 00 02
    +41 58 909 00 54

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport

    • Take the train from Basel, Zurich or Bern to Lenzburg
    • From Lenzburg take bus no. 396 (Hunzenschwil, Gemeindehaus) to Hunzenschwil, Birkenweg
    • From here it's another 10 minute walk to the facility, head north on Aeusserer Hübelackerweg toward Hauptstrasse/Route 1 (we would recommend travelling by car or cab)

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Zurich airport which is about 45 km away - many direct flights to Switzerland, Europe and International

    By Car

    • A1 to Seetalstrasse in Hunzenschwil exit 50-Aarau-Ost from A1
    • A3/route 5 to Wynenfeld exit Buchs from Route 5

    • From Zurich via A1: about 35 minutes
    • From Basel via A3: about 55 minutes
    • From Bern via A1: about 1 hour
  • Map

Neuland - Key Facts

New state-of-the-art API plant with associated goods warehouse, supply building with tank farm and inbuilt incinerator planned to operate by 2024.
More than 25 years' experience in rapid API supply
Early phase development and rapid kg API supply to cGMP
Strong analytical capabilities
Crystallization lab


Development HiPo and small scale production including chromatography and lyophilisation

Our facility in Vionnaz which opened in 2015 is located 70 km east of Geneva and is fully cGMP compliant. The site features a process development laboratory, a dedicated QC laboratory and 2 production units fitted with reactors up to 30 L, chromatography and a freeze dryer for lyophilisation.


  • Development and manufacture of highly potent APIs & Intermediates
  • cGMP Manufacturing
  • Support Activities
  • Scale-Up Services
  • Vionnaz

  • Contact Information

    Route du Simplon 24
    CH-1895 Vionnaz

    +41 58 909 00 03

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport

    • From Bern take the train to Lausanne (IC Geneva Airport)
    • From Lausanne change platforms to Aigle (IR Brig)
    • Take the bus no. 141 (St-Gingolph (Suisse) ) to Vionnaz, Village
    • From here it is another 10 minute walk to the facility (we would recommend travelling by car or cab)

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Geneva airport which is about 100 km away many direct flights to Switzerland, Europe and International

    By car

    • Take A1/ A12 to Route 11 in Aigle - exit 17-Aigle

    • From Zurich via A1 & A12: about 2h30
    • From Basel via A1 & A12: about 2h15
    • From Bern via A12: about 1h15
  • Map

Vionnaz - Key Facts

From gram to kilogram scale
Highly Potent APIs - Categories 3 and 4
Warhead Linker synthesis for ADCs


Development and manufacturing and non-GMP

Our facility in Manchester is fully integrated into the in-house supply chain for complex APIs.


  • Process research and custom synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetic ingredients and fine chemicals
  • Larger production capacity (up to 4,500 L)
  • Production of early-phase APIs and large-scale intermediates
  • Manchester

  • Contact Information

    303 Clayton Lane
    Manchester M11 4SX
    United Kingdom

    +44 161 223 3344
    +41 58 909 00 52

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport

    • Take the metrolink tram from Manchester airport on line F to Deansgate-Castlefield
    • Depart the Tram and get tram line E towards Ashton under-Lyne
    • Depart Tram at Clayton Hall
    • Walk down Clayton Lane (the is on your right)

    By car

    • From Manchester airport via M56 & A5103: about 30 minutes
    • From M60 (Junction 23) via A635: about 15 minutes
    • From Liverpool via M62: about 1 hour

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Manchester airport which is about 18 km away many direct flights to the UK, Europe and International

  • Map

Manchester - Key Facts

Over 30 years' experience
25% regular commercial products
60% development/supply of RSM or advanced intermediates
50% of technical staff hold Ph.D. qualifications


Custom development and automated aseptic production of liquid and lyophilized drug product

Our new state-of-the-art facility, opened in Q1 2023, is dedicated to the development, sterile production, testing and release of injectable drug products. This facility has two fully automated filling lines and will allow CARBOGEN AMCIS to supply customers with clinical batches for phase III clinical trials and small-scale for commercial. The facility has the capability to handle complex formulations, including a large range of APIs from biologics to highly potent compounds.


  • Two production lines offering liquid and lyophilized sterile injectable drug product
  • Aseptic formulation of up to 400 litres
  • Handling of Highly Potent products with OEB 4+ category
  • Drug product formulation development and analytical method development, transfer and validation
  • State of the art chemistry laboratories to support in-process and finished product testing
  • Microbiological platform to perform bioburden, sterility and endotoxin testing
  • Stability chambers to support ICH stability studies
  • Saint-Beauzire

  • Contact Information



    4 Rue Blaise Pascal


    63360 Saint-Beauzire



    +33 4 73 33 72 40

  • How To Find Us


    By car

    • A75 / A71 access to Saint-Beauzire, exit 13
    • A89 access to 10 minutes from Saint-Beauzire

    • From Paris via A71 : about 4 hours
    • From Lyon via A89 : about 2h
    • From Bordeaux via A89 : about 3h45
    • From Montpellier via A72: about 3h15

    By train

    • Railway station Riom Châtel Guyon 2 km away from Saint-Beauzire site (Rail connections with all major national routes from Clermont-Ferrand)

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Aéroport Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne (about 15km away) - 11 direct destinations and 230 possible connections in France, Europe and International.
  • Map

Saint-Beauzire - Key Facts

Two state-of-the-art fully-automated production lines for liquid and lyophilised injectable drug product
Late stage clinical and small-scale commercial manufacturing
Modular filling lines for the aseptic manufacture of vials and other injectable formats
Complex formulations, highly potent compounds and special handling or containment
Formulation development and laboratories on-site (analytical & microbiological testing and ICH storage for stability studies)
Quality and Regulatory support and QP release of the finished drug product


Large scale manufacturing

Shanghai, the largest economic and trade center in China, contains our fully self-supporting GMP compliant development and production site. Our facility is located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) and is designed for large scale manufacturing of raw materials, intermediates and API.

The site is equipped with 13 reactors, segregated into 4 separate suites and has reactor capacities from 500 L to 8000 L. With an international team of highly qualified specialists, our facility can provide efficient and scalable solutions to customers globally.


  • Large scale manufacturing of raw materials, intermediates and API
  • Capable of manufacturing highly potent chemicals up to category 3
  • Analytical capabilities allow GMP product release and analytical support for development activities
  • Shanghai

  • Contact Information

    CARBOGEN AMCIS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    No. 69 Shungong Road
    Shanghai Chemical Industry Park
    Shanghai 201507

    +86 21 6712 1166
    +86 21 6712 0811

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport


    • Line 22, train from Shanghai to Jinshan, exit "Jin Shan Wei Station"
    • South square take the bus 驿站微铁 - "Yi Zhan Wei Tie"
    • The bus will arrive the Chemical Industry Park


    • Option 1 via: Metro Line 1 exit station Lian Hua Road / Bus / "Lian Cao Line"
    • Option 2 via : "Feng Wei line" / "Nan Wei Line", "Pu Wei Line" and "Shi Nan Line"

    By car / taxi

    • Exit "Shanghai Chemical Industry Park East"
    • From Shanghai city centre via S4: about 1h15
    • From Pudong International Airport via G1501: about 1 hour

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Pudong International Airport (about 55km away) - many direct flights to Europe and International
  • Map

Shanghai - Key Facts

Around 40,000m2 site, fully self-supporting
International team > 95 people
cGMP manufacturing - Highly Potent API up to cat 3
Successful technology transfer of processes across CARBOGEN AMCIS


Large scale manufacturing of Cholesterol and Vitamin D analogs

CARBOGEN AMCIS B.V. is active in the manufacturing, marketing/sales and distribution of Vitamin D analogs, Vitamin D2, Cholesterol and Lanolin derivatives. These products are used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, (shrimp) feed, and industrial applications. Through our history of Dishman Netherlands, Philips, Roxane, Duphar, and Solvay Pharmaceuticals we have more than 70 years of experience in the development, production, sales and distribution of these products.


  • Large scale dedicated Cholesterol production facility
  • Vitamin D analog manufacturing
  • Contract Research and Manufacturing Services
  • Veenendaal

  • Contact Information


    Nieuweweg 2a
    3901 AB Veenendaal
    The Netherlands

    +31 318 545 754

  • How To Find Us


    By public transport

    • There is a train leaving from Schiphol airport to station Veenendaal-de Klomp, a 5 minutes' drive from the plant

    By car

    • From Schiphol airport via A9, A2 & A12: about 60 minutes

    By plane

    • Closest airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (about 80 km away) - many direct flights to Switzerland & Europe and International flights.
  • Map

Veenendaal - Key Facts

Rich history with experience in producing Cholesterol since 1948
Recognized "license to operate" through our professional CSR policy
cGMP,ISO 9001 & 14001, GMP+ and FAMI-QS certified
Over 70 years of experience in the development, production, and sales of Vitamin D ingredients
Control of the complete supply chain by manufacturing our own raw material for Vitamin D ingredients
Shipments all over the globe managed by our experienced logistics and customer service team

Board of Directors

Christian Eich

Chairman + General Legal Counsel

Pascal Villemagne

Delegate + Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Stephan Fritschi, Ph.D.


Arpit Vyas


Harshil Dalal


Ashok Gandhi


Ariane Gschwind

Secretary (not being a member)

Senior Management Team

Pascal Villemagne
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Stephan Fritschi, Ph.D.

Executive Vice-President Business Units; Deputy CEO

Alan Fischer, Ph.D.

Vice President Innovation & M&A

Dieter Thüer

Vice President Human Resources

Martin Schneider, Ph.D.

Vice president Quality & ESH

Mike Weiss

Vice President Finance / CFO

François Baduel

Vice President Sales & Marketing

General Country Management Team

Mara Guzzetti, Ph.D.

General Manager - Switzerland

Carl Baker

General Manager - United Kingdom

Angie Stevens

General Manager - France

Harry Wong

General Manager - China

Gerard Faaij

General Manager - The Netherlands