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Bubendorf, Aarau, Hunzenschwil and Vionnaz

There are four sites in Switzerland. Bubendorf, our headquarters, in the canton Baselland, Hunzenschwil and Aarau in the canton of Aargau, and Vionnaz in the canton of Valais. More than 700 employees are working today at our Swiss sites.

  • Bubendorf, Switzerland
  • Aarau, Switzerland
  • Vionnaz, Switzerland
  • Neuland, Switzerland


CARBOGEN AMCIS Switzerland is a CDMO company (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation). We provide process development and commercialisation services for active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”) to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries at all stages of drug development. Our capabilities span from contract chemical process research and development to the supply of APIs as well as drug products (from our Saint-Beauzire, FR site) for preclinical studies, clinical trials and commercial use.

    Bubendorf (BL)

    • Process development up to category 4+ (categorization of Highly Potent Active Ingredients “HPAPI”, based on Occupational Exposure Limit levels)
    • Safety evaluations of critical reactions up to category 4+
    • Small scale cGMP manufacturing of Highly Potent APIs & intermediates
    • Pilot plant manufacturing up to category 4+ up to 250 L
    • cGMP chromatography
    • Commercial manufacturing of niche products up to 2500 L
    • NF/TFF (Nano Filtration/Tangential Flow Filtration) available for downstream processing

    Aarau (AG)

    • Process development up to category 2
    • cGMP chromatography
    • SMB chromatography purification (Simulated Moving Bed)
    • Scale-up to pilot plant scale & commercial manufacturing of niche products up to 630 L
    • Safety evaluations of critical reactions
    • Particle size control by wet-milling

    Hunzenschwil (AG)

    • Process development up to category 3
    • Crystallization process development
    • Hydrogenation process development
    • Pilot plant manufacturing up to category 3
    • Commercial manufacturing of niche products up to 630 L & Chromatography

    Vionnaz (VS)

    • Process development up to category 4+
    • Small scale cGMP chromatography up to category 4+
    • Small scale manufacturing up to category 4+
    • 1 cGMP freeze dryer

    Life at the sites

    At our Swiss sites, you will find a welcoming family culture, where innovative thinking is fostered and employees are appreciated for their input. However, it’s not just about work – there’s plenty of time for enjoyment too. You can look forward to annual ski getaways, company barbecues, and an overall friendly atmosphere.

    Our jobs

    The jobs on our sites are varied and can be in the following departments:

    • Quality Control & Analytics
    • Quality Assurance & Systems
    • Production and Development
    • Engineering & Maintenance
    • Project Management
    • Marketing
    • Environmental Health and Safety
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Facility Management
    • IT

    Discover our latest jobs at CARBOGEN AMCIS Switzerland

    • 5
      Engineering, Maintenance & Facility

      Im Zuge unserer Wachstumsstrategie verstärken wir unser Team und bieten Ihnen an unserem Standort in Aarau eine neue Herausforderung als Warehouse Technician.

    • 5
      HR & Admin

      Hast du eine kreative Denkweise und weisst, dass eine starke Arbeitgebermarke den Unterschied macht? Bist du bereit, innovative Wege zu gehen und die Arbeitswelt zu verändern? Dann sei der Architekt einer fesselnden Unternehmenskultur die Talente anzieht, inspiriert und bindet.


      Wir können dir das und noch einiges mehr im Rahmen der neu geschaffenen Stelle als «Employer Branding Specialist 80-100% (m/w/d)» in Bubendorf, Aarau oder Hunzenschwil anbieten.

    • 5

      Wir bieten in Bubendorf jeweils an folgenden Tagen einen Einblick in den Beruf des Laboranten EFZ Fachrichtung Chemie an:  

      Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2024
      Mittwoch, 13. März 2024
      Mittwoch, 3. April 2024
      Mittwoch, 24. April 2024

      Der Laborant EFZ Fachrichtung Chemie führt chemische Synthesen im Labor durch (Fachgebiet Synthese) und analysiert die hergestellten Verbindungen (Fachgebiet Analytik); er trägt zur Entwicklung neuer Wirkstoffe bei und gibt Hilfestellung bei Schwierigkeiten in Produktionsprozessen.

    Life in the area

    Bubendorf (BL)

    Located in the greater Basel region, Bubendorf offers beautiful sceneries and country charm. Take a hike up to Castle Wildenstein, head to the bustling city of Basel, or hop across the border to Germany or France for shopping, sightseeing and culinary adventures.

      Vionnaz (VS)

      Surrounded by the beautiful alps, and just a stone-throw away from lake Geneva, Vionnaz invites visitors to explore nature at its fullest.

        Aarau & Hunzenschwil (AG)

        Right in-between Basel and Zürich lies the quaint city of Aarau. Don’t let the historic city walls and cobble stone pathways fool you, Aarau offers all amenities of a modern city, and boasts a proud cultural scene. The beautiful Aare river that flows by the city invites locals and tourists alike to cool off on hot summer days.

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