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CARBOGEN AMCIS receives CDMO Leadership Awards 2024

CARBOGEN AMCIS receives CDMO Leadership Awards 2024

Thursday, 25 April 2024

During the CDMO Leadership Awards ceremony, organized by Outsourced Pharma and Life Science Connect, CARBOGEN AMCIS was rewarded in multiple categories. 

We are honored to announce that CARBOGEN AMCIS has been awarded across four categories of the CDMO Leadership Awards: capabilities, compatibility, quality, and reliability.



For Exceeded Customer Expectations


What are the CDMO Leadership Awards?

The dedicated website of the awards describes it as: « Life Science Leader and Outsourced Pharma's readers have told us about their struggles in efficiently vetting potential CDMO partners. In response to this input, the CDMO Leadership Awards were developed.

Based on research from Industry Standard Research’s Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking annual online surveys, 72 contract manufacturing organizations were evaluated on more than 23 different performance metrics. Research participants were recruited from Pharma and Biopharma companies of all sizes and were screened for decision-making influence related to working with contract manufacturing suppliers. Respondents only evaluate companies with which they have worked on an outsourced project within the past 18 months. This level of qualification ensures that quality rates come from actual involvement with a business and that companies identified as leaders are backed by experiential data. CDMOs have an opportunity to win these awards in up to three groups of outsourcing respondents – Big Pharma, Small Pharma, and Overall (combined Big and Small Pharma).

ISR survey participants were asked to provide an expectation rating for each CDMO they have worked with in the past 18 months. Points were then totaled for a combined score for each attribute and a composite score for each core category was determined. Winning CDMOs were determined when comparing their overall score vs. the competitive set »


What were the criterias in the categories where CARBOGEN AMCIS was rewarded?


1.      All facilities fully owned

2.      Complementary core competencies to in-house or other manufacturing contractors

3.      Facility has most up-to-date manufacturing technologies

4.      Full range of manufacturing for the dosage forms we require

5.      Has capacity to meet our demands

6.      Offers innovative solutions

7.      Proven ability to manufacture API

8.      Provides regulatory support for filing

9.      Stability testing capabilities; storage capabilities


1.      Access to desired markets

2.      Accessible senior management

3.      Complementary core competencies to in-house or other manufacturing contractors

4.      Cultural fit

5.      Financial strength/stability

6.      Timely project communications

7.      Well-regarded within the industry


1.      Right first-time measurements

2.      Strong regulatory track record

3.      Track record for meeting quality-performance metrics

4.      Up-front contingency planning, risk management


1.      All facilities fully owned

2.      Financial strength/stability

3.      Flexibility to adjust schedule for special requests

4.      Has capacity to meet our demands

5.      Reliable on-time delivery

6.      Timely project management

7.      Up-front contingency planning, risk management

Ceremony insight 

No alt text provided for this imageWe are incredibly proud to be recognized by our peers, and this demonstrates our excellence in contract manufacturing. Such recognition is only possible due to the hard work and dedication of our teams around the world, who are committed to serving our customers. Therefore, our heartfelt thanks go to all CARBOGEN AMCIS employees.

We extend our gratitude to Outsourced Pharma and Life Science Connect for organizing a memorable CDMO Leadership Awards Ceremony.

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