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Comprehensive chromatography services and expertise


At CARBOGEN AMCIS, our preparative chromatography capabilities have been developed and optimized over the last 20 years. Our experts are able to guide you through our extensive centralized solutions, with the goal to tailor an optimal preparative chromatography program; all based around your objectives, at every stage of the drug development cycle.

Our capabilities allow us to isolate an impurity, down to milligram-levels and enable purification of hundreds of kilograms of an intermediate or API from a multi-step synthesis. We are able to isolate pure substance in dedicated facilities for HIPO and non-HIPO compounds. Additionally we offer the separation of enantiomers in highly efficient continuous process or in batch process.

Our highly-skilled team can make a substantial positive contribution to the rapid development of your compound; all executed under the applicable regulatory requirements for each relevant phase of development.

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HPLC purification

Why choose us?

Our people make the difference

  • Dedicated chromatography experts with more than 15 years of individual experience in industrial chromatography
  • Dedicated project management
  • Cross-functional team with many years of expertise in:
    • Chromatography
    • Analytics
    • cGMP production

We support our clients with a wide range of programmes

  • APIs & Intermediates Purification
  • Purification of Highly Active Intermediates & APIs
  • Chiral Separation

For more information download our Chromatography Services brochure.