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Support services

CDMO services - CDMO full-service

The Pillars of Success

Our enabling services are the support of our customized individual packages for our customers allowing us to provide the highest quality while ensuring full safety and authority compliance.

At CARBOGEN AMCIS we have experienced teams that are dedicated to the project success. Our experts are fully committed to managing our customer’s projects and maintaining the highest quality standards – from the first proposal to the delivery of the product.

Quality Management

Quality is crucial at CARBOGEN AMCIS. We are fully committed to the safety of patients. Our long and successful audit history proves our high quality standards.

Regulatory Affairs

Our highly experienced team consults through the complex regulatory process and provides support and guidance to develop the best regulatory strategy for our customers.

Project Management

A strong project management is key to project success. The collaboration between departments, internal and external communication require dedicated managers to handle challenges and meet goals.

Environment, Safety & Health

CARBOGEN AMCIS is fully committed to provide a secure and safe environment for our employees and local community.

Supply Chain Management

Sourcing raw materials, facilitating secure transfers, managing storage and a rapid supply and ensuring a timely delivery to our customers while maintaining a full compliance to the standards – are operated reliably by our Supply Chain Management team.