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Criticality-based Process Data Evaluation: Our tool to navigate process data

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Lukas Brändli, CARBOGEN AMCIS’ Manager PR&D, focuses on utilizing our Criticality-Based Process Data Evaluation tool. Get to know the tool that helps to effectively navigate process data in API development, helping identify both risks and opportunities.

"The development of robust API processes involves extensive process and analytical data difficult to navigate without powerful tools for data evaluation and visualisation. Criticality-based process data evaluation substantially accelerates exploration of large process datasets, by directing the attention towards the most significant process risks and opportunities.

A criticality dashboard paired with advanced filters supports the communication of the most relevant results by visualising the complete extent of the underlying process data while instantly highlighting the most essential points to an audience that may not be familiar with the intricate details of a particular process.

In the first 3 years after initial implementation, the criticality concept had a significant impact on communication, collaboration, and decision-making between cross-site and cross-functional validation project teams in the interest of process robustness, quality, budget and timelines."

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