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Expertise Areas

CDMO services: our expertise areas

Integrated Services from a Single Source

CARBOGEN AMCIS exists to provide innovative solutions for drug development and supply to the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries that enable customers to bring new generation medicines to market.

We have built up a portfolio of specialist services to give our customers the highest degree of flexibility possible.

Highly Potent API

CARBOGEN AMCIS has more than 15 years of experience in the development and manufacture of highly potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) up to category 4+ (<0.05 µg/m³). More than 40% of our projects are highly potent projects.

ADC & Bioconjugation

We can manage tailored ADC & Bioconjugation projects - from drug linker synthesis to final drug product. CARBOGEN AMCIS’ state-of-the-art clean room suite is fully cGMP qualified. Our dedicated team of experts will advise you on the best linker and conjugation strategy.


Our very experienced chromatography experts guide you through a vast range of in-house solutions to tailor an optimal program around your needs.


Having established our crystallization capabilities we can support our customers with a variety of services such as polymorphism screening, solubility tests, salt screening and optimization of the crystallization process.

Stability Studies & Integrated Analytical Services

As a part of our service portfolio our stability studies offering can be tailored according to our customers’ needs and provides a thorough understanding of the chemical behavior that supports assessing drug storage, shipment conditions, expiration dates and packaging.

Flow Chemistry

During your process you might face challenges with scale-up, hazardous reagents or fast reactions. CARBOGEN AMCIS’ experience in Flow Chemistry will help you handle the risks and increase safety.

Chemistry Expertise

The foundation of our core services is our expertise in chemistry. We are at the vanguard of the field of complex and challenging chemistry and scale-up.

Process Criticality Assessment

We developed a new tool: the Criticality Based Process Data Evaluation. This tool provides users with comprehensive process insights through both high-level visualisation and in-depth data analysis. It leverages the concept of risk quantification to deliver results.