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Non-GMP Services and Supply

Your Non-GMP CDMO with
extended experience

CARBOGEN AMCIS offers a comprehensive suite of non-GMP manufacturing services.

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities, which include a dedicated process development lab, a modern kilo lab, and a manufacturing plant, are designed to handle an extensive range of complex custom development and manufacturing projects, including:

    • Starting materials and intermediates
    • Fine chemicals
    • Cosmetic ingredients
    • Specialty chemicals

    to support the complete development lifecycle.

  • The pilot plant is equipped with:

    • A variety of reactors ranging in volume from 85 L to 4500 L
    • Operating temperatures range from -80 °C to +200 °C and pressures up to 3 bar
    • The plant also has a complete analytical suite, including on-site NMR, to ensure high product release standards
    • Our modern kilo lab is equipped with four 25 L vessels and cryogenic capabilities
    • Large-scale downstream chromatography facilities

    to support the complete development lifecycle.

API Starting Material for Non-GMP Manufacturing

CARBOGEN AMCIS makes the manufacture of starting materials a core component of our complete API manufacturing support.

We also offer technical transfer assistance upon request to facilitate the transition to our proven, commercial-scale manufacturing processes. Moreover, our facilities have been recognized by the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), signifying a commitment to manufacturing excellence and sustainability.

Our operations are fully integrated and optimized in the supply chain such that complex active pharmaceutical ingredients are produced and delivered consistently over time and are backed by complete documentation and regulatory information.

Contract specialty manufacturing services

CARBOGEN AMCIS offers advanced specialty contract manufacturing services, with expertise in a range of complex chemical processes, including bromination, nitration, borylation, cryogenics, hydrogenation, chiral synthesis, cyclization, photochemistry and many others.

We serve all major markets, providing innovative and customized solutions for the pharmaceutical, specialist cosmetic, electronics, petrochemical and dental industries among others.

CDMO Case Study: Process Development Services

Our Manchester case study focuses on a collaboration between CARBOGEN AMCIS and Takeda Pharmaceutical to develop and scale up a re-engineered Miyaura Borylation process.

Our revised process achieved a 47% reduction in overall cost and reduced plant cycle time while producing 65 kg of the target compound. By making various adjustments, the study demonstrated the potential for significant process optimization.

Safe Cosmetics Manufacturing with ISO 22716 Accreditation

Operating an accredited ISO 22716 cosmetics GMP quality system, our CARBOGEN AMCIS Ltd. (Manchester, UK) implements standard operating procedures for all aspects of project execution, including cleaning and preventing cross-contamination.

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