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Chemistry Expertise

Our expertise in chemistry for premium CDMO services

Chemistry Expertise

Underpinning all of our core services is our chemistry expertise. We are leaders in the field of complex and difficult chemistry and scale-up. As such, we handle a multitude of disparate chemical reactions, while managing complex supply-chain challenges. We have extensive experience and proficiency in handling all kinds of chemical reactions, reagents and techniques such as:

  • Alkylations / Arylations
  • Amide / Peptide Coupling
  • Esterification / Ester Cleavage
  • Heterocyle Synthesis
  • Hydrogenation / Deuteration
  • Knoevenagel + Decarboxylation
  • Matteson Reactions
  • Nucleosides / Nucleotides
  • Organolithium- / Grignard Couplings
  • Oxidation / Reduction
  • Ozonolysis
  • Pd-Catalyzed Couplings
  • Protecting Group Manipulations
  • Plus all in combination with different potencies of active intermediates & API
Darja - QC&A

I am proud to be part of a company that strives to provide innovative healthcare solutions – at CARBOGEN AMCIS I have the opportunity to improve my analytical chemistry and communication skills especially when working on early stage APIs.

Christophe - Chemist, QC&A, Vionnaz

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