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Environment, Safety & Health

Sustainability - Environment, Safety & Health

Safety and regulatory compliance is paramount throughout our processes

CARBOGEN AMCIS is dedicated to developing and maintaining voluntary safety, environmental and health standards above and beyond the standard legal requirements, in order to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

We also provide a secure and safe environment for our neighbors in the communities we operate within. This commitment starts with the leadership of our company and extends to every colleague.

In Switzerland, our use of 100% renewable electricity is truly industry-leading. 

Gavin - Head of ESH, Bubendorf


  • Full Swiss legal compliance
  • Waste air treatment with scrubber or charcoal adsorbing systems (ALURA)
  • Incineration of all chemical waste streams (also aqueous)


  • Categorization of all APIs and intermediates (in-house toxicologist)
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring program
  • State of the art containment systems (e.g. glove boxes / pressure cascades / barrier benches)
  • Illness and injury reporting


  • Thermal process safety (in-house safety lab, risk analyses for all chemical processes)
  • Instructions performed for each production procedure
  • ESH training program (including annual safety days)
  • Incident and near-miss reporting
  • Preventive maintenance for equipment and infrastructure
  • GHS (Globally Harmonized System) compliant classification, labelling and packaging of dangerous goods
  • Internal fire response and first aid groups

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