Mastering the Supply Chain

Mastering the Supply Chain Wednesday, 02 June 2021

Discovering a new ADC

After intense research investigations Heidelberg Pharma found a unique access to a fully synthetic route for α-Amanitin. With CARBOGEN AMCIS, Heidelberg Pharma developed a scalable and economical route providing α-Amanitin now available for the development of new therapeutic ADC’s.

Development and Scale-up of a Miyaura Borylation Process

Development and Scale-up of a Miyaura Borylation Process Wednesday, 17 June 2020

A joint effort of CARBOGEN AMCIS and Takeda Pharmaceutical - Dr. G Elena Daia (Process R&D Team Leader) at CARBOGEN AMCIS Ltd.

The following case study is one example of how CARBOGEN AMCIS helps customers to advance their projects with a dedicated team and state-of-the-art techniques.

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Monday, 30 November -0001

Case study

Learn more about our efficient and effective technology transfer process with a dedicated case study.