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We are a family

Our employees are central to the offering of CARBOGEN AMCIS and, as such, we endeavor to make the working environment, company culture and organizational values second to none.

Offering a truly diverse working environment across all of our international locations underpins the global offering we supply to the healthcare market.  Our employee benefits and flexible working arrangements not only help us reward our employees, but help us attract vast talent bases and ongoing dedication to the company and its clients.

Darja - QC&A

What I enjoy most is the daily interaction with people, being in a position to help others, the diversity of tasks and the family-like environment. It's motivating to know I can make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

Manuela - Senior Human Resources Assistant, Bubendorf

Culture & values

  • The supportive environment and the 'people' oriented culture at CARBOGEN AMCIS makes it a special place to work.
  • We are driven by our vision to help our customers create a better world as the partner of choice for development and niche scale manufacturing of complex and challenging substances, highly potent active ingredients and drug products.
  • Our growth is dependent on building strong and long lasting relationships with our customers.

What it's like to work here

  • Being a part of CARBOGEN AMCIS means being a part of a company that makes a difference to global health.
  • We offer diversified and attractive job positions across our 7 sites around the world.
  • By joining CARBOGEN AMCIS, you will integrate with a multicultural and international team which creates an exciting and dynamic workplace.

Diversity & inclusion

  • We celebrate diversity – of culture, of background, of experience and thought – and recognize it as a key to our ability to deliver high quality services.
  • As a global business our people come from all over the world. You will draw strength from a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment.

Employee benefits

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: We offer flexible work arrangements to help our people achieve a healthy work/life balance. Depending on individual employment contracts and based on the individual job positions, this allows employees to vary their start and finish times around predetermined core hours.
  • Bonus: You have the opportunity to share in the success of the business, following a successful financial year.
  • Childcare Benefit: We participate to the monthly child care costs for our employees.
  • Travel Insurance: We offer you travel insurance not only for business trips but for private journeys too, to protect you as well as the person/s you're travelling with from the financial impact of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Retirement/Pension: We support our people with their pension funds to help provide income in retirement. Instead of the mandatory 50%, CARBOGEN AMCIS pays 60% of the contributions + 60% for the additional pension fund too. (if applicable)
  • Insurance for Accidents: CARBOGEN AMCIS voluntarily deducts the non-occupational accident premium from the employees by paying 100% of the mandatory monthly contributions. In addition we pay you the annual premium for private health care in case of an accident.
  • Rewards & Recognitions: We reward employees who achieve tenure milestones, beginning at five years.
  • Wellbeing: This includes an optional yearly flu vaccination and a health check beginning at an age of 20, every 5 years
  • Snacks & Beverages: We keep the break rooms well stocked with free coffee, tea and fresh fruits each day.


Why deciding upon a career with us may be the best decision you’ve ever made so far, and then it gets even better.

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