Highly Potent API

Four levels of Protection Cascade ensure worker safety and product quality

CARBOGEN AMCIS has state of the art facilities and controls to handle both drug substance and drug product of the highest potency and toxicity, under cGMP.

Our dedicated containment facilities use a containment methodology, utilizing barrier isolation technology and Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs), combined with pressure cascades, airlocks and access controls.

Our service portfolio starts from laboratory-scale (for process research and development purposes) up to large-scale manufacturing, in 1,600 liter vessels. These capabilities are underpinned with dedicated analytical and preparative purification technologies.

Highly Potent API Production at CARBOGEN AMCIS

I have been working for CARBOGEN AMCIS for over 10 years and there are still new challenges to tackle each day which makes the role very interesting.

Stefan - Production Supervisor, Bubendorf

Safety & Product Quality

There is nothing more important to CARBOGEN AMCIS than the safety of our workers and patients. As they are the key to our business - the design of our facilities, cleaning and hygiene concepts are built with this as our guiding principle.

More than



experience in development & manufacture of HiPo APIs

Capability to handle up to category



compounds (< 0.05 µg/m³)

More than



are HiPo projects

Up to



for HiPo Chromatography kit available

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