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ACS OMEGA Publication: CARBOGEN AMCIS Researchers Contribute to Protein Conjugation Advancements

Tuesday, 07 November 2023

CARBOGEN AMCIS is delighted to share a milestone in the realm of protein conjugation with the recent publication in ACS OMEGA. With the contribution of Dr. Artem Osypenko, and Dr. Igor Dovgan, which are now Senior Chemist and Senior Chemist QC&A respectively in CAROGEN AMCIS Bioconjugation  / ADC group. The article delves into the reinvestigation of the Automated Synthesis of Stoichiometrically Conjugated Antibodies, opening new frontiers in accessing high molecular weight payloads and enabling multiplexed conjugation through an innovative In-Solution Trans-Tagging Process.

In response to the scarcity and cost constraints associated with starting materials in early-stage research, Dr. Osypenko, Dr. Dovgan and other experts participated to elevate the ENACT methodology. By refining protocols and introducing a novel ENACT conjugation reagent, they've  extended the capabilities to function at the microgram scale. This advancement represents a pivotal shift, as it now allows for the monofunctionalization of proteins using minimal quantities of payload. This not only broadens the scope of applications but also empowers researchers with a more economical and efficient approach to protein conjugation.

The impact of this research extends beyond the laboratory, holding promise for various fields including therapeutics, imaging, and detection.

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