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CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Philip

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Philip

Apprenticeship Diaries

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Philip

What is an apprenticeship like at CARBOGEN AMCIS? 
Looking from the outside in, it's hard to picture what exactly it is like to work for a company and what to expect if you were to undertake an apprenticeship. In his own words, Philip shares his experience as an apprentice at CARBOGEN AMCIS and offers his top five pieces of advice for future apprentices.

Name: Philip 
University: Berufsschule Aarau & Berufsmaturitätschule Lenzburg
Period of Internship: August 2015 – August 2018
Function: Lab Technician in Synthesis

As long as you are interested in chemistry, you’ll have no problems in this education. So be inspired always by the fascinating results and experiences you’ll make in the school and at work.

What was your most memorable part of your experience and the biggest challenge you encountered?

The last few weeks at CARBOGEN AMCIS was my most memorable moments as I was able to work hand-in-hand with a chemist and I experienced how much value somebody can provide to a company. Overall, the biggest challenge for me was the practical final exam – even though I’m very strong in theory, to put this all into practice and under the pressure of a narrow time frame was very challenging.

What was the interview process like and what qualities helped you score the apprenticeship?

The interview process included first practical experiences in synthesis and analytics, a short exam to test our abilities in mathematics, physics, basic chemistry and overall knowledge. We also had a short tour through the whole site of Aarau. Of course my strength in mathematics helped a lot but also my full interest in chemistry wasn’t underestimated by the supervisors.

What was it like being an apprentice at CARBOGEN AMCIS?

At CARBOGEN AMCIS, I felt from the first moment that my supervisors and educators appreciated my work; that they would be able to help me further develop my skills and recognize my weaknesses so I can learn how to strengthen these areas also. Even when I experienced that I probably won’t follow furthermore the work as a Lab Assistant, they motivated me to finish this education and use the graduation from the Matura to follow my new ways.

What are your plans now that you’ve completed the apprenticeship?

As mentioned, I’m following now a totally different way into the future. Firstly, I’ll work self employed by trading at CFD markets and putting the company – called Generation Z – I’m currently building with 3 other partners on to the next level by releasing it with a new business concept and plan. Beside this, I’m planning to travel to different countries: USA (New York, LA and Miami), Singapore, Germany, South Africa and wherever it takes me and my businesses. In half a year, I’ll then pursue my Swiss duty and take part in the special forces of the military for about 5 months. After this, I’ll probably study at a university in Lucerne in economics and engineering before I continue my several projects and businesses.

What are your top 5 tips?

  1. If you’ve got the opportunity to do the Berufsmatura simultaneously with the apprenticeship, do it. CARBOGEN AMCIS will support you a lot through the whole process.
  2. As long as you are interested in chemistry, you’ll have no problems in this education. So be inspired always by the fascinating results and experiences you’ll make in the school and at work.
  3. CARBOGEN AMCIS is an international company as well as a very familiar one. You’ll feel comfortable at every site.
  4. Whenever you have problems, speak frankly and polite with your supervisor, you’ll always find a solution together.
  5. CARBOGEN AMCIS is a company for a lifetime; maybe you’ll also spend just 3 years here like me but maybe even more. No matter how long you decide to stay with the company, they're always very welcoming if you ever decide to return.

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