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Our strength is our people

At CARBOGEN AMCIS, we believe that our employees are what make us stand out from other companies in this market.  The dedication, experience and skills of our teams ensure that each project is delivered with unrivalled passion and professionalism.

Below is a selection of just some of our family, across our global locations. You can click the relevant department headings to filter the disciplines or just browse through the team and read what they had to say about life at CARBOGEN AMCIS, in their own words.


Thomas | Aarau

Senior Manager

"What I find interesting about my role is the daily interaction with our international customers to develop the best solutions as well as to be a member of a highly motivated and qualified team of people within a dynamic working environment."
Jean Yves

Jean Yves | Riom

Technician Maintenance

"My mission is to provide preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment and infrastructure at CARBOGEN AMCIS. It's exciting to work with a company on the quest to discover new innovative solutions for development and drug products. “

Gavin | Bubendorf

Head of ESH

"My work has a daily impact on many people, as we continually strive to increase the company level of health and safety whilst minimising our environmental impact. At the end of the day, I want everybody to return home safely to their families."

Patrick | Neuland


"I get to take part in the development of drug substances to find new treatments for a variety of illnesses – it is never a routine job and it can be challenging but you work in a very supportive, family-like environment."

Elena | Bubendorf

Senior Chemist

"It's exciting to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge of chemistry and biotechnology to contribute to the success of our customer’s bioconjugation projects. I work with a multinational and multi-disciplinary team who inspire me on a professional and personal level."

Dieter | Bubendorf

Key Account Manager

"I tremendously enjoy the wealth of facets this position offers ranging from understanding our customers’ needs and expectations, tailoring the way how we achieve these, invigorating the exchange between our customers and project teams, to facilitating the progress of ongoing customer projects.”

Delphine | Riom

Production Technician

"To take part in manufacturing clinical batches so that we can continue to develop new drugs for patients globally and to utilise my knowledge to provide quality service to customers is what motivates me most about my role."

Priska | Aarau

Senior Lab Technician

"I am responsible for the release and coordination of raw materials in Aarau. I like working on challenging projects supported by a highly motivated team. I feel proud to take part in the development and production of new modern active pharmaceutical ingredients."

Darja | Neuland


“I collaborate with a supportive team who are working towards a common goal: ensuring efficient analytical support for the production and development of intermediates and API’s for our customers – I have a great platform to continuously grow personally and professionally."

Cédric | Vionnaz

Senior Mechanic

"The pride to know that my voice counts into decision making, that we are part of a big family even if we are a smaller unit and having great interactions with different sites allow us to create constructive bonds."

Martin | Bubendorf


"What I enjoy about my role is that there is never a routine day. Besides analytical laboratory work, part of my daily work also includes the documentation, communication of results and validations. I’ve also really appreciated the positive working atmosphere at CARBOGEN AMCIS."

Chelsea | Manchester

Laboratory Technician Apprentice

"I love that I can do fascinating experiments which not only helps me gain further knowledge and qualifications, but can also contribute to something in the future that will help people."

Philippe | Vionnaz

Senior Lab Technician

"To contribute to the development of future drugs and to be part of a united group is very motivating – I quickly felt the very welcoming and cosmopolitan side of the company and its supportive culture that encourages your professional development."

Stefan | Bubendorf

Production Supervisor

"I have been working for CARBOGEN AMCIS for over 10 years and there are still new challenges to tackle each day which makes the role very interesting."

Issa | Manchester

Project Chemist

"My mission is to use my knowledge and skills in synthetic chemistry to help our customers develop new medicines and materials. It's motivating to work within a global community dedicated to providing excellence for our customers and to furthering scientific research."

Carsten | Bubendorf

Head of Quality Assurance

"The broad variety of topics and challenges we're faced with every day, as well as the vital role I play to establish a 'quality mindset' within the company to ensure we're GMP compliant makes the role really interesting."

Andreas | Bubendorf

Manager Regulatory Affairs

"We work in a very dynamic environment and being able to support a company who is at the forefront of providing new treatments for patients globally is very motivating."

Myriam | Bubendorf

Senior Purchaser & Shipment Agent

"My mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through high packaging standards and on time delivery worldwide. Each shipment is a new challenge, which makes the job very interesting! Another valuable part of my work is the close collaboration with the different departments."

Scott | Bubendorf

Senior Scientific Advisor

"My mission is to support the establishment and enhancement of new services, as well as to advise on scientific and project topics. The company’s impressive scientific strength, service flexibility and customer focus convinced me to join the company in 2012.”

Fabio | Bubendorf


"Together with my team, we ensure customer satisfaction through developing efficient GMP compliant warehouse operations, and by constantly improving our material flow and shipping processes. The cross-site activity as well the collaboration with different people in the company is also very interesting."

Stéphanie | Bubendorf

Manager Quality Systems

"The fundamental role we play in keeping a high quality level in our systems in order to deliver quality APIs to our customers in a timely manner is what interests me the most about my role."

Thomas | Bubendorf

Manager Strategic Purchasing

"My mission is to ensure the long-term supply of high quality materials from qualified, reliable and experienced suppliers worldwide. As a chemist and economist it is very exciting to work at the interface between chemical project management, quality, logistics and purchasing."

Christophe | Vionnaz


"I am proud to be part of a company that strives to provide innovative healthcare solutions – at CARBOGEN AMCIS I have the opportunity to improve my analytical chemistry and communication skills especially when working on early stage APIs."

Maximilian | Bubendorf


"What I find most interesting about my role is the opportunity to apply my expert knowledge in toxicology and occupational hygiene for the health and safety of people and for the environment."

Lucie | Bubendorf

Marketing Manager

"I have the responsibility to ensure our brand messaging and corporate identity is consistent across all marketing channels. I love my job for so many reasons but above all I appreciate the family-like culture, cultural diversity and that you're recognised for your contribution."

Michael | Bubendorf

Senior Lab Technician / Deputy Chief Emergency Response Group

"What interested me most about my role are the techniques for conjugations – it's motivating to work within a highly driven and experienced team working towards creating something positive to help patients globally."

Ekaterina | Bubendorf

QA Assistant

"I've had the opportunity to work with both the Quality System and Quality Assurance teams which has provided me with interesting job variation – you have a great atmosphere here and a culture that supports you to continuously grow professionally."

Chloe | Manchester

Junior QC Analyst

"What interested me most about the role is the diversity and exposure to a variety of analytical instruments and techniques. CARBOGEN AMCIS has an incredible team and provides great professional development opportunities for staff."

Ulrich | Bubendorf


"I get to apply my broad scientific and industrial background to many challenging regulatory tasks – but the most rewarding part is supporting a company that supplies a number of established and innovative drug substances to the pharmaceutical market."

Kurt | Manchester

Laboratory Technician

“It's motivating working for a company that supports and encourages each individual to continuously grow professionally. I have been able to gain valuable industrial work experience through the apprenticeship at CARBOGEN AMCIS whilst undertaking a degree simultaneously."

Paul | Bubendorf

Key Account Manager

"What interested me about this role is the interaction with Japanese partners, being the interface between customers and internal teams – it's motivating to be part of a growing enterprise that provides the opportunities to broaden our professional skills."

Luca | Bubendorf

Senior Chemist

"I am proud to play an important role in delivering new biopharmaceutical treatments to our clients and ultimately to our patients. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of the latest industry trends, surrounded by highly qualified colleagues."

David | Bubendorf

Senior Chemist

"To work collaboratively with interesting and motivated people from different departments, as well as formulating and defining processes in SOPs is the most interesting part about my role – it’s diverse and challenging but you have a great culture that supports you."

Christine | Bubendorf

QS Officer

"I'm fortunate to work with highly experienced and driven co-workers; supporting them in their GMP-training is very rewarding. In addition the challenge to interpret, implement and proceed with the different guidelines makes my job really interesting."

Alexander | Bubendorf

Head of ESH & Technology

"What I like most about my role is being a part of an innovative company and to be in a position where I can help make CARBOGEN AMCIS a safer, more environmentally-friendly workplace."

Riccardo | Bubendorf

Shift Leader

"I really appreciate the harmonious collaboration in the workplace, the ability to produce drugs to potentially save lives and to be in a position to help co-workers if any unforeseen circumstances occur as part of the Emergency Response Group Team."

Aurelien | Riom

Technical Site Manager

“To take part in improving and increasing the productivity of our production equipment makes my job very interesting. CARBOGEN AMCIS has a great team spirit and it's motivating to be able to have access to high-end technology equipment."

Viviane | Riom

Financial & Administrative Manager

“I'm in charge of general accounting for Riom. The diversity of people and the different departments we interact with everyday makes the role interesting. It’s motivating to be part of a company contributing to the evolution of science to improve human health!"

Emad | Aarau


"The most amazing part of my job is supporting an enterprise that has a direct impact on the well-being of people as well as observing and interacting in two fields: the chemistry between molecules and the chemistry between humans."

John | Manchester

Project Chemist

"CARBOGEN AMCIS is full of people passionate about process chemistry, inter-project collaboration is actively encouraged and the availability of highly skilled people to help problem solve is very reassuring. There is continued investment in facilities and resources to offer the best service to customers."

Hajdar | Bubendorf

Senior Technician

"I work with my team to optimise our logistics processes in compliance with GMP guidelines. It's motivating to be part of a highly driven team, focused on providing quality services to our customers."

Fabiana | Aarau

Lab Technician

"I have the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and help develop something new; my main task is to improve, develop and test production processes. It's challenging but you have a great support system and a culture that encourages you to widen your skills."

James | Manchester

Production Manager

“My main mission is to ensure that the manufacturing plant runs as effectively and efficiently as possible, producing high quality material that is on time and the required amount. The vast range of challenging projects we deliver keeps my role interesting”

Aldo | Bubendorf

Senior ESH Officer

"To be in a position where I can help educate staff on environmental safety and health in our daily business and to see them go home every day in good health is very rewarding."

Daniela | Bubendorf

Head of Supply Chain

"What I find interesting about the role is the management responsibility, being the interface between the different sites and departments as well as developing and implementing processes. It's exciting to be part of a dynamic and constantly evolving enterprise."

Manuela | Bubendorf

Senior Human Resources Assistant

"What I enjoy most is the daily interaction with people, being in a position to help others, the diversity of tasks and the family-like environment. It's motivating to know I can make a significant contribution to the success of the company."

Emmanuelle | Riom

Pharmaceutical Development Project Leader

"It's rewarding to be able to help manage projects and to watch them develop into the production stage successfully. Each project is unique so you're faced with new challenges to overcome each day which breaks up the daily routine.”

Shajida | Manchester

QC Analyst

"The most interesting part about my role is being able to use different analytical instruments and techniques. Everyday there is room for development and improvement which breaks up the daily routine."

Amra | Aarau

Lab Technician

"Since starting off as an apprentice at CARBOGEN AMCIS over 8 years' ago, I'm passionate about 'paying it forward' through sharing my knowledge with young talents to help bring them up to their next career step."

Heiko | Bubendorf

Senior Manager

"Organizing and leading the maintenance of our Swiss sites is my main mission. What I find interesting about my role is the diversity of work and the management tasks; it’s a supportive work culture and we’re all focused on advancing the company together.”

Imanuel | Bubendorf

IT Manager

"What interests me about this role is the opportunity to be in a leadership position where I can create a good working environment for my team – from Bubendorf, we are able to collaborate locally as well as globally, thanks to our networks."

Dietmar | Bubendorf

Head of Regulatory Affairs

"I enjoy the responsibility to consult customers and colleagues on regulatory affairs as well as the challenging projects we encounter that are in different clinical phases or with commercial products – it's a very dynamic industry and environment."

Monika | Bubendorf

Senior Receptionist

"I enjoy the daily interaction with customers and employees; the company has a very good working atmosphere and you feel that the work you do is appreciated."

Daniel | Bubendorf

Group Accountant

"It's exciting to be a part of a fast-growing global company. I have the opportunity to support the company by building and constantly improving the financial reporting process, in accordance with international accounting standards for the whole CARBOGEN AMCIS Group."

Melanie | Bubendorf

Production Supervisor

"My work consists of being the link to all GMP processes between production, QA and QS; it’s interesting to collaborate with the different departments and people. I’ve also appreciated the supportive and positive environment as well as the family-like atmosphere we have here."

Fabian | Bubendorf


"I have the opportunity to be involved in many different operations and projects which enables me to see how the company functions in total. We all work tirelessly together to achieve a common goal: to be the reliable partner our customers deserve."

Rabiaâ | Neuland

Key Account Manager

"I really enjoy being the interface between customers and internal teams at CARBOGEN AMCIS: internal and external communication is crucial for project success. Our highly experienced co-workers and management implication make us a reliable and sustainable partner."

Katja | Neuland


"Stability studies are part of a large number of different projects; the possibility of performing analytical work with different molecules and the discovery of their features is a very interesting part of my work."

Christin | Aarau


"The most interesting thing about my role is the cooperation with the different departments at various sites globally, as well as the versatile scope of duties – it creates a very dynamic and diverse workplace."

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