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We want to share our knowledge with the Life Sciences industry in the hope that this information may help you overcome the challenges you face across all stages of the drug development process.

Chromatography Services in Switzerland

Learn more about our Chromatography Services offered in Switzerland.
Published: 21.01.20

Interview with Dr. Volker Wolfart

Get an insight on how it is to work at CARBOGEN AMCIS
Published: 15.11.19

ADCs & Bioconjugation - Current Challenges and Outlook

Scott Miller talks about CARBOGEN AMCIS' ADC & Bioconjugation Business with an insight on current challenges in this therapeutic approach
Published: 14.11.19

Custom Development & Manufacture at CARBOGEN AMCIS in Manchester

Robert Rhodes, Director Operations at CARBOGEN AMCIS Ltd. gives an insight about Manchester capabilities.
Published: 09.09.19

Process Development in Shanghai & Case Study

Harry Wong Ph.D, Senior Head of Development in Shanghai, about Process Development at CARBOGEN AMCIS Shanghai
Published: 16.07.19

Panel Discussion on Flow Chemistry featured in Chemistry Today

Franz Amman Ph.D., Senior Scientist at CARBOGEN AMCIS, speaks about Flow Chemistry in our industry.
Published: 12.07.19

Drug Products made in Riom

Caroline Ailhas gives an insight on how we develop and manufacture drug products.
Published: 11.06.19

CARBOGEN AMCIS Veenendaal - Solvent-free in 2030?

Solvent-free in 2030 - Utopia or Breakthrough? Article about CARBOGEN AMCIS Veenendaal
Published: 03.05.19

Interview with Dr. Anton Gayring

Dr. Anton Gayring, Senior Head of Development, speaks about Highly Potent API at CARBOGEN AMCIS.
Published: 22.03.19

Interview with Emad El Sayed, Ph.D.

Emad El Sayed, Manager PR&D, speaks about career opportunities at CARBOGEN AMCIS
Published: 20.11.18

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Eveline Hürlimann

A new issue of the apprenticeship interview, this time with former apprentice Eveline Hürlimann
Published: 23.10.18

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Philip Weber

Interview with Philip Weber, former apprentice at CARBOGEN AMCIS
Published: 31.08.18

Investigating Human Error in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lecture which took place at ILMAC Lausanne, Forum on October 4, 2017
Published: 26.01.18

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