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PDA Technology Transfer & CMO Seminar | Booth 3

From 04 March 2019 until 04 March 2019

One of the most important links in any supply chain - is the link between drug developers and the pharma/biotech CMOs they partner with. Choosing the right vendor and/or partner for outsourcing manufacturing and/or development activities and performing successful Technology Transfer is one of the critical stages on the path from clinical trials to the market. Also, the use of a CMO is one of the most practical ways to advance manufacturing, for example when your company may be lacking technology and/or capacity.

This seminar will provide information on everything from the most important factors to consider when choosing your CMO partner, to learning how to navigate the technology transfer, to building partnership with your contract manufacturer, whether for biologics or for small molecules. Experts from the pharma/biotech industry, as well as from the leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations will share their knowledge and experience. The seminar will be concluded with an open discussion with participation of the Israeli Ministry of Health.