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„Dag van de Chemie“ Open Day at CARBOGEN AMCIS B.V.

From 06 October 2018 until 06 October 2018

CARBOGEN AMCIS B.V. in the Netherlands will open the doors for you on „Dag van de Chemie” (Chemistry Day)!
During this day (from 10.00-16.00h) we will offer our visitors tours throughout our plant and laboratories. We will also offer you some entertaining activities such as an escape room and a very special way of viewing our site by abseiling down of one of our buildings.
The „Dag van de Chemie” is an initiative of the VNCI and collaborates this year with the Weekend van de Wetenschap (Science Weekend). During this event you have the possibility to visit places you normally don’t have access to and you will experience the chemical sector live.

Just curious or interested in work possibilities in chemistry or process technology? Take the chance to come and visit us at our site in Veenendaal!
Visit www.dagvandechemie.nl for more general information and an oversight of all participating organizations and day programs.