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Chromatography Services in Switzerland

Learn more about our Chromatography Services offered in Switzerland.
Published: 21.01.20

Interview with Dr. Volker Wolfart

Get an insight on how it is to work at CARBOGEN AMCIS
Published: 15.11.19

ADCs & Bioconjugation - Current Challenges and Outlook

Scott Miller talks about CARBOGEN AMCIS' ADC & Bioconjugation Business with an insight on current challenges in this therapeutic approach
Published: 14.11.19

Custom Development & Manufacture at CARBOGEN AMCIS in Manchester

Robert Rhodes, Director Operations at CARBOGEN AMCIS Ltd. gives an insight about Manchester capabilities.
Published: 09.09.19

Process Development in Shanghai & Case Study

Harry Wong Ph.D, Senior Head of Development in Shanghai, about Process Development at CARBOGEN AMCIS Shanghai
Published: 16.07.19

Panel Discussion on Flow Chemistry featured in Chemistry Today

Franz Amman Ph.D., Senior Scientist at CARBOGEN AMCIS, speaks about Flow Chemistry in our industry.
Published: 12.07.19

Drug Products made in Riom

Caroline Ailhas gives an insight on how we develop and manufacture drug products.
Published: 11.06.19

CARBOGEN AMCIS Veenendaal - Solvent-free in 2030?

Solvent-free in 2030 - Utopia or Breakthrough? Article about CARBOGEN AMCIS Veenendaal
Published: 03.05.19

Interview with Dr. Anton Gayring

Dr. Anton Gayring, Senior Head of Development, speaks about Highly Potent API at CARBOGEN AMCIS.
Published: 22.03.19

Interview with Emad El Sayed, Ph.D.

Emad El Sayed, Manager PR&D, speaks about career opportunities at CARBOGEN AMCIS
Published: 20.11.18

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Eveline Hürlimann

A new issue of the apprenticeship interview, this time with former apprentice Eveline Hürlimann
Published: 23.10.18

CARBOGEN AMCIS Apprenticeship Diaries - Philip Weber

Interview with Philip Weber, former apprentice at CARBOGEN AMCIS
Published: 31.08.18

Investigating Human Error in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lecture which took place at ILMAC Lausanne, Forum on October 4, 2017
Published: 26.01.18