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CarboGen and AMCIS Create Senior Scientist Team

Expand and Support Sales Teams in Europe and U.S.

17 February 2006

BUBENDORF, Switzerland - Feb. 17, 2006 – CarboGen and AMCIS have developed an internal consulting team to provide project leaders with direct access to the combined experience and expertise of senior scientists.  Leading this consulting team are senior scientists Peter Mueller, Ph.D., and Bruno Schaub, Ph.D.  “The creation of this team means that CarboGen and AMCIS customers and project teams will benefit from the considerable expertise contributed by Drs. Schaub and Mueller in resolving challenging chemical development issues and project requirements,” said Mark Griffiths, CEO and director of operations, CarboGen and AMCIS. “This is another example of the way that CarboGen and AMCIS are actively working to provide the best possible service and products for our customers.”
Mueller has been working with AMCIS since 1997, previously spending time with Hoffmann-La Roche, Givaudan (since 1992, Givaudan-Roure) and Pentapharm, gaining a total of 22 years experience in the industry. He has been named head of research in different fields of activities: chemistry, analgesic chemistry (Roche); aromatic, odoriferous and cosmetic substances (Givaudan); and diagnostics, therapy and cosmetics (Pentapharm). He has authored more than 20 publications and articles. Mueller will continue to consult on the development of highly potent materials and evaluation of their toxicological profiles.  He also will provide invaluable guidance on adapting development strategies for active pharmaceutical ingredients, regulatory requirements and commercial opportunities and needs.

Schaub has spent 11 years at AMCIS having previously worked 16 years for Ciba-Geigy. His work has involved central research activities in Basel and Manchester (U.K.) as well as pharmaceutical process research and development.  At Ciba-Geigy, Schaub’s main focus was on organometallic chemistry, organo-fluorine and phosphorus chemistry. He is a frequent guest lecturer on the topic of organometallic chemistry at universities, congresses and companies such as Bayer and Merck. He assists as an expert on Ph.D. examinations at the University of Lausanne. He has written more than 20 publications.

In addition, CarboGen and AMCIS have increased their sales teams in both Europe and the U.S. to provide a higher level of local service for existing customers and additional resources to cover key growth areas. Joining the team are Jim Whiteaker (Eastern U.S.), Angela Phuc (Western U.S.), Suae-chen Chang (Northwestern U.S.), who will focus on emerging and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, and Thomas Schlatterer (Central Europe).

CarboGen and AMCIS combine world-class chemistry skills to provide seamless drug substance development and commercialization services for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We offer an array of integrated services to support faster, safer drug development with improved cost efficiency. This commitment helps our clients make decisions more quickly and progress more candidates through the pipeline in a shorter period of time.
CarboGen and AMCIS are owned by Solutia Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.

Source: CarboGen and AMCIS, Bubendorf, Switzerland

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