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Production Equipment
We currently have over 170 hoods available for PR&D and production support activities. The state-of-the-art infrastructure including lab automation and micro-reactor capabilities ensure an efficient and comfortable working atmosphere.

Our chromatography and crystallization services provide an invaluable resource in producing early-phase material without recourse to excessive development time or costs.

Production and cGMP manufacturing
We are highly experienced and equipped for handling a broad range of organic reactions embracing sophisticated modern technologies including low temperature reactions, organometallic reactions, chiral synthesis and hydrogenation at elevated temperatures. Our purification capabilities applying chromatography or distillation allow an efficient synthesis of your compounds.

Our equipment includes:

  • 70 multi-purpose reactors from 6 L to 4’500 L, glass-lined, hastelloy, and stainless steel in a temperature range from -100 to +160 °C
  • 6 filter dryer from 0.25 m² to 1 m² hastelloy
  • 400 L temperature-controlled pressure filter dryer (hastelloy)
  • 6 cryogenic reactors (40 L to 3000 L)
  • High temperature reactor (200 L) in a temperature range from -120°C to +350°C
  • High-Pressure autoclaves, pressure range from 1 mbar to 20 bar
  • High vacuum distillation, 200 L to 900 L, 40 theoretical plates
  • Centrifuge
  • Lab automation
  • Milling
  • Micronization
  • Freeze dryers

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11 August 2016
Dishman Celebrates a Decade of Success Since Acquisition of CARBOGEN AMCIS

14 July 2016
CARBOGEN AMCIS Sites at Aarau and Neuland in Switzerland Successfully Pass FDA Inspection

31 May 2016
CARBOGEN AMCIS Expands Operations in Bubendorf

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