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The Chromatography Services offer flexible and customized solutions for the separation and purification of lead components and intermediates.

Our equipment includes:

  • Column screening and semi-preparative HPLC
  • 5 Preparative HPLC units:
    • 10 and 20 cm ID DAC columns (Dan Process and Novasep)
    • 30 cm ID column (Novasep)
    • High pressure gradient system
    • Automatic injection and fraction collection
    • UV, online laser polarimeter, or refractive index detection
    • Broad range of HPLC columns and bulk stationary phases
  • HPLC for highly potent compounds (Knauer)
  • HPLC for fast-track development (Kronlab)
  • 2 SMB units Licosep 10-50 units for 2.5 and 5 cm ID columns (Novasep)
  • Biotage Chromatography System including gradient runs
  • MPLC/HPLC system, flow rate up to 7 L/min (LEWA)
  • Explosion proof Solvent Storage Units
  • 20 and 45 cm ID MPLC columns (Verdot) and various MPLC columns ranging from 10 to 700 L (Büchi)
  • Analytical and semi-preparative super critical fluid system

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11 August 2016
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14 July 2016
CARBOGEN AMCIS Sites at Aarau and Neuland in Switzerland Successfully Pass FDA Inspection

31 May 2016
CARBOGEN AMCIS Expands Operations in Bubendorf

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