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Bioconjugation Services for ADCs

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are the combination of a monoclonal antibody (mAb) with a cell-killing cytotoxic drug. The antibody acts as a delivery system and selectively targets the tumour cells. Once reached the tumour, the ADC releases its cytotoxic payload by chemical or enzymatic processes, eventually leading to the death of the targeted cell. The recent approvals of Adcetris® for Hodgkin's lymphoma and Kadcyla® for Her2-positive breast cancer have provided further evidence of the potential of ADCs in the treatment of cancer. The growing number of drug conjugates in clinical and preclinical development spurred the need for high quality manufacturing to bring new products into the clinic and ultimately to the public.

To better support customers involved in the development of new ADCs, CARBOGEN AMCIS recently completed the construction of a new clean room dedicated to the conjugation of biological molecules and small highly potent molecules at the Bubendorf site. This recent investment positions CARBOGEN AMCIS as industry leader and outsourcing partner for complex conjugation projects and ADCs.

CARBOGEN AMCIS' new ADC clean room operates according to cGMP standards and can handle compounds at OELs ≤ 10 ng/m³ 8h-TWA, as our most recent containment testing efforts have shown. Highly potent toxins are often used as warheads for new generation targeted cancer treatments, such as ADCs.

The new clean room (100 sqm floor space) contains:

  • A separate Grade D area for equipment storage and sanitization, reagent and buffer preparation
  • A Grade C area for conjugation, purification, and packaging processes
  • Separate material and personnel airlocks to access the Grade D and C areas
  • Pressure Cascade (+30 Pa, +15 Pa, 0 Pa, -15 Pa)

For a 360° virtual tour of the Grade D Clean Room click here.

For a 360° virtual tour of the Grade C Clean Room click here.

For more information on CARBOGEN AMCIS Conjugation Services for ADCs please consult our brochure here.

Click here to view the pictures of the inauguration event which took place on June 4th and saw the participation of numerous experts in the field of antibody drug conjugates.

16 February 2018
CARBOGEN AMCIS Announces a Successful Swissmedic Inspection of its Site in Vionnaz, Switzerland

11 October 2017
CARBOGEN AMCIS Announces a Successful FDA Inspection of its Headquarters Site in Bubendorf, Switzerland

21 July 2017
CARBOGEN AMCIS Sites at Bubendorf, Aarau and Neuland in Switzerland Successfully Pass Swissmedic Inspection

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